Friday, February 1, 2008

The kids thank Ray

The kids at CHEO (the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) are very thankful that Ray Emery has been misbehaving. Emery is donating one day’s pay or almost 15 thousand dollars to CHEO. That was to be the amount he would be fined by the Senators after showing up late for practice in Long Island. The latest of many missteps in his pro career.

Had the team actually gone through with its plan to fine Emery, and even though he said he would not challenge the fine, the NHLPA would have filed a grievance anyway. From the NHLPA perspective they would be fighting over the validity of their interpretation of certain clauses in the CBA. The union would want to make sure that for the good of all players, a precedent be set for possible future challenges by other players if they are in the same situation. So to avoid the club having to defend its case, and the league having to defend the Senators right to fine a player, and the NHLPA’s desire to set precedent, this would all swirl into another circus which is exactly what Ray Emery does not want right now or in the summer.

So this move gives the Senators what they want which is a tangible penalty for on going poor behavior and tardiness. It gives Ray what he wants which is to show the team and fans that he is truly sorry and wants to make amends. It also is the first step for Emery to try to shore up his public image.

I am sure the kids at CHEO could care less about all the above legalese. They will just be happy that their lives are a little better because Ray got into a little trouble.

See you at the rink.

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