Monday, March 2, 2009

Hey, it's not personal !

I have received many comments since the last post on Mats Sundin’s return to Toronto and everyone’s re-visitation of his reasons for not waiving his no-trade last year. The vast majority I will not allow for viewing on my blog. In this case and all others, vulgar language, demeaning verbiage and personal attacks on me or anyone else are always rejected as postable comments. I will answer 3 which were typical but still printable.

Anonymous said...
Wow, you really can't stand Mats Sundin. Give it a rest! He is a classy individual. Face it Dean, you bought "Daniel Afredsson" stock ten years, and it's turned into a steaming pile of crap! Sounds like sour grapes to me...
February 26, 2009 7:17 PM

Anonymous said...
This post is about 2 months out of date.We've al moved on - why haven't you ? I bet you never got your term papers in on time back in High School.
March 1, 2009 8:13 AM

Anonymous said...
Did Sundin steal your lunch money when you were in Grade 3
March 2, 2009 8:01 AM

As you can see there are some people out there who believe I have some kind of personal issue with Mats Sundin. I do not. In fact as I have stated before I believe he was and is an outstanding player, very strong leader and a classy guy. In my dealings with him he has never been anything but a gentleman and a professional. I have never personally attacked Mats Sundin, but only gave my opinions on his own words and actions.

If you are a Mats Sundin fan, I apologize that my opinions don’t drip into the adoration pool you continually swim in, but that is life. If your only responses to thoughtful comments and opinions are demeaning barbs about what you believe I do or don’t think about Mats personally, then save the time you spend writing me and use it to read with your children. It’s a far better use of time. If you would like to engage in objective debate I am willing and eager.

See you at the rink.


Tom said...

The art of debate is over, it has become a war of bullying, and insults. I recall your column in regards to Lidstrum, and Datsyuk. The comment about having an opinion equated to knowing the individuals, showed me that its best to keep your opinions to yourself.

I love debate, and hearing different opinions, but lately responses are insulting and sometimes threatening.

To me it shows the reader's lack of ability to understanding of what an opinion is. Its is based on fact, and also supposition, but should not be regarded as an insult or demeaning to the subject at hand.

Here is my comment. If you threaten, insult, or bully in your comments, you truly need to seek help .anger - management might be a good route. If you don't like Dean's comments go read something else. If you don't agree with his opinion, fine, but debate with facts, not insults. If you do, you have proven the point you are not worth being listened to.

Anonymous said...

"thoughtful comments and opinions"


Where exactly were these ?

Gordon of Riverworld said...

You claim to have no personal issues with Sundin AND YET you go on and on and on about him.


PaV said...

Dean... you do not have to explain your self to leaf nation; but if you do make sure you use smaller words and maybe have some pictures up.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to this party, but just want to say that I couldn't agree with you more on this Dean. Also note that the majority of the demeaning / attacking comments come from "Anonymous" - might be a good idea to simply filter all anonymous comments right to the trash. If the person making the comment is afraid to put their name behind it, it's likely not worth reading it.