Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goodbye Roy.

The Roy Mlakar era with the Ottawa Senators is now over. 13 years has flown by and the Prez has much to be proud of. He would never run through that list of things for you because Roy would much rather talk about the kid he met at CHEO last week or the new piece of equipment they just moved into Rogers House. That to me marks the Mlakar era. All the things Roy did not only for the franchise but for this community. The selfless use of his time and power to make things better for a great many people, while running a franchise from bankruptcy to the top of the NHL’s list of best run franchises.

Roy and his wife Tami will be missed of that there is no doubt. Get your office pool going now and try to predict what in this city will be named after him. You know something will.

I am very relieved that the reigns of the franchise have gone to Cyril Leeder. I think I am not alone when I say I like the fact that one of us is the new man. Someone from outside Ottawa would have a difficult time fitting in, filling the shoes and being accepted while doing it. Cyril has been around since before day #1 and in fact was one of the architects to put the bid together to get the franchise in the first place. Cyril is loyal, hard working and very, very smart. If two jobs are now going to be combined into one, Cyril is the right choice. He cares deeply, he is fully committed and he is the kind of competitive person who wants to win at everything. You have to admire that.

It is the nature of business and also the hockey business. The owner always has the prerogative to structure his company the way he likes and Mr. Melnyk has chosen this route.

My father once told me that change is not to be feared, it is to be expected. Still change can be hard. This franchise and this city is losing a very good man.

See you at the rink.


Anonymous said...

So - what's NOT being said here ?

Why has Roy been FIRED ?

How is he suddeny incompetent after 15 years on the job ?

Anonymous said...

First it was 13 years on the job.I would not say he got fired he is not getting a new contract offer.The other thing is he is from la.I think some are reading way way to much into this.

Anonymous said...

Why all euphemistic tip-toeing?

He was FIRED - nobody is saying why.

Something smells really bad.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious. Its downsizing.
Cyril Leeder said it. The decision was made after Melnyk didnt get an MLSE franchise. He would have needed both men if he had soccer and hockey.

They have not hired anyone new, they have split 4 jobs into 3. If Mlakar had not be retained and a new guy signed in addition to Leeder then its fair to say he was fired. Melnyk is saving himself an executive salary. I am sure a President makes a heavy 6-figure paycheck and now Melnyk has one fewer of those cheques to write.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1:11pm

Let's be real. It's not about saving a salary. Melnyk wanted Roy out because Roy is not "his guy".

It's pretty natural for a new owner to want his own people in charge. It happens this way very often.

Unfortunately for the Sens, I think that this time, the organization is paying a big price.

When Melnyk bought the team in 2003, the Sens were a well oiled machine. The organization was a hallmark of stability. The players were a tight group. The whole organization was a big family. It was a family atmosphere. In short, it was a strong, stable culture.

I can imagine that Melnyk and Murray felt like the new kids on the block.

Murray has stated on many occasions, that he wanted to change the culture. You do that by changing the people. He has done that. Many players and many staff have been changed.

Roy's dismissal is a continuation of that. Only time will tell if the changes bear fruit.

My personal view is that the verdict is already in. It has been an unmitigated disaster. They should have built on the organization they were given, not dismantle and change it.

As for the salary issue, if Luke Richardson is worth $500K sitting in the press box, I'm sure that Roy is worth at least that much.

Anonymous said...

I would not say there were in great shape when melnyk took over.There were issues however melnyk made changes and did turn the team in to a very solid team.This is not a bash aginst the forim er owners they just did not have the money melynk has.I aslo think if john muckeler did things different we would be in better shape then we are.