Thursday, July 2, 2009

What does Dany want?

I need someone to explain this to me.
I know that people expect those of us in the media to do the explaining, but this time I need some help.
Dany Heatley asked for a trade. He wants out of Ottawa and away from Corey Clouston and his outrageous demands that all players on his team play hard at both ends of the rink.

None of the teams Dany wanted to play for want Dany or at least some of them did not want him bad enough to make an offer that was reasonable. Edmonton wants Dany very badly. Presented a nice package to Bryan Murray. Dany was asked if he would consider Edmonton and he said “yes”. Then when the deal was done Dany said “no”. His agent JP Barry claims Dany needs more time to think about it. Well, thinking time ended at mid-night last night. Dany knew that was when his 4 million dollar cheque was to be paid and if a deal could not be worked out by then, there might not be a deal at all.

Besides everything, I don’t know exactly what Dany Heatley wants.
He won’t speak and his agents are extremely vague when they speak to the media.
His parent’s neighbor seems to be the only guy speaking out and I think he inadvertently damaged Dany’s reputation more with the logic he used to defend Heatley.

Will someone please explain to me exactly what Dany Heatley wants?
Dany if you are reading this send me a private email. I won’t divulge its contents. I would just really like to know what you want.

See you at the rink.


Anonymous said...

i don't know i thoguht he want to ge the heck out. if player ask for a trade their no trade clause should be void

Anonymous said...

My wild guess is that Dany wanted the 4 million, and maybe wants to get away from Marian Hossa comparisons? Sounds weird, but you never know.

Dany Heatley said...

I want the Jubilee Jeweler's gig. That's what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

According to some people he wants to win the cup. He obviously believes that that is not going to happen with Ottawa for a long time if it's so.

kal cole said...

Not to mention that the Oilers' coach and GM flew to BC to meet with him and Shawn Horcoff also had a lenghty conversation with Heatly in order to court him.

How unprecendented is this? A player who's fully under contract meeting face to face with another team's top brass.

I think what happened here is that Heatly had a wink-wink understanding with some people about joining his 'preferred' team (rumored to be the Rangers). So now he's keeping silent because his scheme backfired and he can't speak about it since this would be admitting to tampering. And now he's given the Senators ample ammo to file a grievance.

The power-play excuse is a rouse. Why would anyone in the Heatly camp go along with a plan to sabotage a career and an organization simply because of diminished powerplay minutes?

There's gotta be more to it than this.

Dany Heatley said...

Make me Captain, I might stay..