Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dany has "enjoyed" his summer??

In today’s Ottawa Citizen there are more quotes from Dany Heatley and for me, more head scratching. I can’t figure out how a guy as smart as Dany just doesn’t get it.

"It has been a fun summer," Heatley said. "I've enjoyed it. Been out at the lake and getting ready for this season. It hasn't been unlike any other summer, really."

If Dany has found any of this “fun” then he is the only one. If this summer hasn’t been much different than other summers then he is living on a different hockey planet. Dany was asked if all the words from commentators and columnists calling him selfish, petulant and immature are unfair criticism.

"Yeah, I think so," Heatley said. "Any time when you haven't met the person or heard the whole story, I think it's tough to jump to conclusions. That's what we have to deal with sometimes, but the summer has been fun. I haven't really been listening too much. I'm just getting ready for the season."

"There's a process that has to take place," Heatley said. "I don't want to get into it. When I find out where I'm going and it's all said and done, I think then will be the time to talk about it."

Well Dany pretty much everyone in hockey has met you even if you don’t remember them. The reason no one knows the whole story is because you won’t tell it. You can’t claim to be the victim of unfair criticism and blame it on a lack of knowledge when you are the one refusing to impart that knowledge.

Hold on a second, how could you know about the comments since you haven’t paid much attention to it?

Dany has spoken publicly 3 times now since his prolonged summer silence ended. Each time he has damaged himself in the areas of public perception and character. Nothing Dany has done or said during any of this has caused anyone to change their mind about what they think Dany is both as a player and a person.

Stacey McAlpine and JP Barry are his agents. They might want to spend a little money on a public relations expert. This has become the gold standard as an example of how to assassinate your own reputation.

I am now tingling with anticipation to hear the “whole story” after Dany’s trade is completed. Judging by the way he and his people have mapped out their strategy so far, they might want to pre-book the noose and gallows right now for the death of what’s left if his reputation.

See you at the rink.

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Kal Cole said...

Great take Dean!

You guys who work closely with the team often get accused of being soft, silent and easy when it comes to covering the team...for fear of protecting your access, jobs or cozy relationships with players and media colleagues.

A certain organization which hails itself as Canada's Sports Network is full of ex-players and ex-gm's who refuse to offer objective praise & criticism.

Clearly that is not the case with you.

Much respect.