Sunday, March 13, 2011

Common sense starting to set in.

I have been paying close attention to all the debates and panel discussions in the media and on fan blogs since the Chara/Pacioretty incident.  Thankfully much of the conversation has now turned towards player safety and away from the ridiculous assertions made by some that this was a planned attack by Chara. 

David Booth of the Florida Panthers should have a personal perspective on this,  since his career was nearly ended by a blind side head shot.  He says this incident has no connection to the plays the NHL is trying to weed out of the game.  Hits like the one he took are on the decline because they are now against the rules and the penalties are stiff.  He says the Chara hit was simply an accident.  That is exactly what it was and the sooner Montreal fans move past their misplaced anger and onto player safety questions,  the faster the game will be safer for players. 

There will always be injuries in hockey.  It is the fastest non-motorized team sport in the world and there is no way to eliminate accidents.  The players accept those risks but some fans and members of the media refuse to.

If these accidents appall you,  then don't watch hockey.  I agree with Leaf coach Ron Wilson. He makes some good points.  When players get hit with pucks in the face, do we talk about banning raised shots?  When players get broken feet, do we talk about banning slap shots?  This accident was more graphic and spectacular, but never the less, still an accident.

Lets talk about stanchions and not Chara.

See you at the rink.

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