Monday, March 28, 2011

Shame on the twits

Recently former NHLer Theo Fleury mentioned on twitter that he expected the Vancouver Cannucks would be first round upset victims in the NHL playoffs because he did not believe Roberto Luongo had what it takes to bring this team to glory.  Fine.  His opinion.  Its not my opinion but he is entitled to his.  Its sports.  Like noses we all have our opinions.

The retaliation from some Vancouver fans on twitter is sickening.  The comments made about his problems with drugs and alcohol are appalling.  The comments made about his sexual abuse at the hands of his junior coach, far more than appalling.  Disgusting doesn't cover it.

I know this does not represent the entire population of Cannucks Nation, but this particular cross section is a group of profoundly stupid and troubled people.  The anonymity of twitter protects them from being called out by their friends, family and co-workers.  That is the biggest problem with this type of social media.  No one has to be accountable for their pathetic lack of IQ and alarming lack of class.

I call on Cannuck Nation to police their own.  A larger outcry on twitter from Vancouver fans to both out these idiots and discredit their thoughts and tweets is necessary immediately.

See you at the rink.


Woody said...

Well Said!


Greg said...

Think they'll be out in round two at most. Not sure the Sedins "get" the Stanley Cup and Luongo usually has incredible collapses during the post-season. This Canucks team has "Ottawa Senators/Washington Capitals" written all over it. Burn through the regular season, get a President's Trophy then lose early because you're gassed.

Players have to develop that hunger, that desire, that will to win and that understanding they are judged by whetther or not they win the Cup.

Not sure the Canucks have that. Maybe some veteran help down the way will help them out?

SensKal said...

Well said Dean