Monday, January 9, 2012

Ban fighting? Ban the word Ban first.

The debate continues about "banning" fighting in the NHL.  New words are needed here.  There is only one way to "ban" fighting in the NHL.  If you fight you never play another game in the league.  That will never happen.

The only thing that can change is stiffer penalties.  If you fight you are gone for the rest of the game or gone for the rest of the game and suspended or whatever.  There will always be fighting in hockey to some degree.

If you look at the leagues which don't allow fighting you may notice there are still fights.  Baseball, Football, Basketball, NASCAR.  They all have fighting "bans" but yet there are still fights.

Lets at least start using the correct verbiage in this debate and ban the use of the word ban when talking about fighting in the NHL. 

See you at the rink.

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