Thursday, January 26, 2012

Great 8 is 8 years old.

Alexander Ovechkin is known as the "Great 8" for his work on the ice.  Right now he is behaving like he is 8 years old.

Alexander gets suspended for 3 games for an illegal check.  Its long overdue because he has committed many suspendable offences in the past,  but was always given a pass because he is one of the stars of the game.  The NHL can argue that no player gets preferential treatment,  but we all know that part of the game has, is not and will never be changing.

But Alex obviously doesn't see it that way.  If they want to suspend me of all people, a star, then don't expect me to come to the All Star game and help the league promote itself.  Its classic pouting like you would see from an 8 year old.

The "I don't want to be a distraction" reason is a sad and failed attempt to turn himself into a martyr.  The league's willingness to allow him to do it,  is even more sad.  Players in the past like Nicklaus Lidstrom have been suspended for refusing to go to the All Star game when healthy enough to play.  Crosby went to the game even when he was injured and wasn't playing,  only because the NHL asked him to for the good of the league and he did it.  One superstar behaves like a man the other like a child.

Only Tim Thomas has damaged his own reputation more this week than the 8 year old Ovechkin.

See you at the rink.

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