Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Great Thomas Divide

There is a great divide right now in opinions about the actions of Boston's Tim Thomas in deciding to boycott the team's visit to the White House.

I have not heard anyone say they don't respect his right to have an opinion and to act or abstain based on his belief's.  But if he thought other Americans would agree with him he was mistaken.

I am not an American citizen, so my opinion is meaningless but none the less , here it is.

He should have gone.
You don't like the president, you don't like what government in your country has become, this was not the place to make that statement.  This was a team event and you are a member of the team.  If Tim wanted to make his statement to the media about his feelings its easy.  They are the people with mics and note pads gathered around your locker each day.  Just speak and they will communicate that to the world.

If you can't step into a government building because of your belief's, then try the hypocrisy hat on for size.  There are many, many government buildings you have already been in I am sure.  Ever renewed a drivers license?

Tim Thomas is an outstanding goaltender and from all accounts a great guy.  But admitting that his favorite TV show was Fox's now fired right wing nutbar Glenn Beck made people raise an eyebrow and now this snub of the President and the White House makes people wonder even more.

See you at the rink.

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